Spring Time Revival!

It’s spring time, the perfect time of the year to buy fox vases and fill them with sweet peas!

I’ve been a bad blogger, but am feeling a spring time revival!


Freedom of Potato will be at the reDiscover Hindley St Markets on the 15 November 5pm- 9:30pm! So come say hi!

Also in the works is adopting a freedom of potato mascot! Fingers crossed #maxfromabudhabi may be joining the team!

Here’s a pic from my most recent market, That Dapper Market  which happened on Aug 31st, where we were stall neighbors with the ever lovely Kitty Came Home!


Enjoy your weekend! xfop


Damn the Man Night Market


These little wolves have been up late dreaming about who they’ll meet this Thursday night at the Damn the Man Night Market!

There will of course be wolf-kerchiefs and cat hats, but this time we have lots of limited edition runs of new products and some one off samples and experiments!

Here’s one such little wolf from a limited edition

I have to run now but hope to see you there!

If not we have just announced a xmas special, free postage within Australia on purchases from our Etsy store!

Enjoy the sunshine







memories of the boring prince, the good witch and the sweet little wolf

Childhood memories are seldom as connected to reality as we assume. Often something vivid in my mind turns out to be a dream, or a story created around a photograph. We piece together the fragments of our reality like a puzzle, our mind becoming a collage of real events, dreams, stories and feelings.

My mind works like this not just generally, but also in specific ways. For example I might jumble up the happenings at one party, creating a ‘memory’ out of what actually happened, what I dreamed afterwards, a story someone told and my desires as well.

I don’t think that this makes my memories less valid, in fact perhaps the montage is more accurate, as it is reading into the things which lay beneath the surface. I think this type of scrambled memory shows a picture of how we desire things to be, a reality with some alterations and enhancements.

This is how I have reinterpreted some of the classic fairy tales in my head, or at least created different roles for the key players. The wolf wasn’t so bad, sleeping beauty was happy, the prince was kind of boring and rapunzle had a hair pulling fetish.

If I was going to trace the disjointedness of my mind back to any one place, especially in regards to fairy tales, it would have to be these amazing puzzle blocks passed down to me from my Nana.

The original purposeful scenes are classics, each with a clear picture of good and evil, an undying romanticism and a moral to be told. What I love though is the mixed up stories, the old man and the witch get together, Gretel is turned into a half dove, the princess adores the frog.

Having recently re-discovered my fairy tale blocks, I can see how influential they have been.

Here is an picture I drew of little red riding hood finding true love with the big bad wolf.

And an outtake from my most recent photo shoot, which I see as a sleeping beauty who has turned the big bad wolf into a sweet little wolf, who is close to her heart.

So while my memory may sometimes frustrate my friends and lovers, I am quite happy with my fantastical version of reality and pleased that all I have taken from these imaginary tales is the romanticism and imagination and not the unbendable notions of good and evil with the boring promise of a happily ever after.

Thanks for reading, remember FOP will be at The Damn the Man Night Market on 22nd  November and if you want your own sweet little wolf you can get one there or here.





boxes and bunnies


It’s been a little while between posts for Freedom of Potato as we have been roaming around the universe to find the perfect place to call studio and home. We’ve traveled down the river through bad internet connections and peaceful country retreats and have come to realise that some creatures feel most at home smack bang in the city!

The last few months have been full of boxes and a gypsy approach to living and making. Here’s a little peak of a few creatures that have come to life lately:

The Origami Bunny Brooch, available in a host of fabrics and coming soon to a market near you!

Night caps for your cat naps!  This is a special order for a little lady named Lexie, stay tuned for Cat Hats now available in pint size!

And a foray into toy making, this little cat served as a prototype and birthday gift for my sweet little niece Sophia! And as you can see he fitted right into my gypsy period!

The gypsy lifestyle has stirred up lots of ideas and now Freedom of Potato has a permanent city based location to call studio and home! The next six weeks will be a making bonanza, so watch this space to see new products, our upcoming madeit shop and information on the Damn the Man Night Market where you will find Freedom of Potato on November 22nd!

If you’re feeling restless, enjoy this soundtrack which the last couple of months has been set to:

Or if you’re feeling homely and settled enjoy this Spring rain and make like a cat and nap!


Dapper Markets & Tiny Travellers

Thank you to everyone that came to see us at That Dapper Market! I met lots of lovely people and found homes for many Wolf-kerchiefs and our brand new Cat Hats! (The hats will be up on etsy next week, along with some Wolf-kerchiefs in new fabrics!)

One little Wolf-kerchief has a longer journey home than most. You may remember him from our recent photo shoot by Michelle Lam:This little guy was boxed up by our newest customer Lars and is currently on his way to Brussels! Here’s a pictures Lars sent us before he began his journey! Also in the box is a gift card from Peach Patrol, available HERE.

This is how far our little friend has to travel!

The little Wolf-kerchief has made the journey from Adelaide to Melbourne and has now arrived in Brussels!  Watch this space, as once he arrives we will show pics of the little Wolf-kerchief in situ in his new pocket home!

Here is the log of the black and white cuties travels thus far:

05/07/12 14:40 Transferred for delivery processing BRUSSELS EMC
05/07/12 08:08 Received and awaiting clearance for delivery BRUSSELS EMC
03/07/12 00:35 Received and ready for processing MELBOURNE
02/07/12 23:46 Received and ready for processing MELBOURNE
02/07/12 18:28 Received and ready for processing ADELAIDE
02/07/12 13:52 Accepted by Australia Post ADELAIDE SA

To Market, To Market !!

To Market, to Market, we never eat pigs

To our vegetarian home again, jiggity jigs

To Market, to Market, which one do you say

We are getting excited, jiggity jay

To Market, to Market, it has to be Dapper

That was a clue, yo jiggity japper…

Ok enough awkward rhymes, Can you guess! Yes?!

Freedom of Potato will make our Market debut at That Dapper Market!

This is the third time this sweet little market has happened and if you haven’t made it yet, you should! It’s indoors, has live music, a bar, and an amazing array of vintage clothes and designer wares! A perfect beginning to a Saturday night out!

So come and say hi on Saturday 30 June from 4pm-10pm, 200 North tce. Adelaide. We will be well stocked with Wolf-kerchiefs in many fabrics, plus have many new products and samples available on the night!

Also watch this space for some upcoming pretty pictures, as tomorrow we are heading out into the forest with friends and champagne for a photo-shoot!

crease one, fold one

Over the last couple of days, my man and i have been spending our evenings making origami! (very wholesome i know)

We have been trying to make the perfect wolf sized gift box, but found so many you-tube clips that we became totally hooked!

Check out happy puppy truffles origami a day you-tube channel! She has been posting one a day for more than two years, and the instructions are well paced and clear, so you too can become an origami super star!

Our favorite so far is this triangular box:

Here is the big pile of construction paper mess we left in the lounge! (sorry housemates)

And a few simple but effective box prototypes

My next project is going to be this origami Totoro!

So happy folding friends! I recommend getting a big pack of construction paper from your neighborhood craft shop and cutting it into squares if need be!

Origami: the ultimate cosy winter activity, but beware of paper cuts and addiction!


sweet trading deals and shout outs

Money…who needs it! Well ok we need it a bit, but sometimes you come across like minded peeps who are willing to trade their awesome goods and services for yours!

This is just what happened when i met the lovely girls from new fashion label see&ell earlier this year, when we were learning to be business ladies.

In exchange for two early cat-kerchief prototypes, the lovely Libby (left) and Celia (right), gave me oodles of pom-poms, wool and fantastic fabric!

Here is a posse of Wolf-kerchiefs made from said fabric! (These babies will be onsale in our new etsy store this week- links and info coming soon!)

see&ell are a brand spanking new fashion label and are already doing great things like winning Australian Wool Fashion Awards and launching their debut collection BED!

You can find them:

On Facebook & On Tumblr

OOOH and what is that lovely knitted yellow brooch worn by Libby, if it isn’t made by another of my favourite peeps! Check out the amazing Kitty Came Home! Over the years i have done some awesome labor for purses exchanges with lady Kitty!

Find Kitty:

On Facebook  & Kitty’s Website

Have a lovely weekend everyone, ill be in touch really soon with details about the launch of our etsy store!